Install WhatsApp on computer without Bluestacks


Whatsapp currently is one of the most popular communication applications available for both Android as well as iOS devices. One of the big downsides of whatsapp is that there isn’t a native client available to use Whatsapp on your windows computer.

In this guide i will show you how you can install whatsapp on your windows computer! Unlike the previous guide, in which I showed you how to install whatsapp using the Bluestacks emulator, in this guide i will show you how you can install WhatsApp on your personal computer without the use of Bluestacks.

Whatsapp messenger

Whatsapp currently is the most use communication app on mobile devices. It is a great way to send text, voice, photo’s or video’s to your friends for free. Whatsapp makes use of a 3g/4g/wifi connection to send the data and is absolutely free to use.

For a lot of people WhatsApp has really redefined how they communicate with their friends and family and a life without WhatsApp is unthinkable. One of the big downsides of WhatsApp that no program or application for a windows or mac computer is available. But don’t worry, it is possible to get WhatsApp to work on your windows computer and it does not matter if you have windows 7 or windows 8. Just follow the steps below and you will have WhatsApp up and running in no time!

Installing whatsapp on your windows computer

What you will need to get whatsapp to work is a windows 7 or 8 computer with a working internet connection. The method we will be using doesn’t require a lot of resources so an old and slow computer is also fine.

Downloading wassap

Please click here to download the latest version of the wassap program. The file has been checked for viruses and it’s a direct download without any adware or bloatware! You can also check out the official download site if you want to have more information.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below! Please let us know if you got WhatsApp to work on your windows computer by leaving a comment!


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