Download Viber APK and IPA


Here you can download the latest installs files for Viber on your mobile phone or tablet. In this post you can find the Android Viber APK install files and the Apple Viber IPA install files. We always have the latest version of this App available for you to download. You can download Viber for free and virus checked.

Viber – Communication Application

Viber is a popular communication application similar to Whatsapp and Skype. The app currently has around 400 million active users. With Viber users can send texts, call each other or send photo and video messages. The app makes use of WiFi or 3G/4G to connect to other users.

It is also possible to call non-Viber users or landlines, this however costs money similar in the way that Skype works. Viber is available for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. This means that wherever you are, you can always make use of this application to contact your friends and family. The great thing about this is that on your mobile phone, the application automatically checks which of your friends has Viber installed.

Download Viber APK for Android

You can download and install Viber directly from Google Play, this way you will always have the latest updated App installed. However sometimes you will want the .apk install file of Viber. Using the .apk file you can install Viber without making use of the Google Play store. This is also a good alternative for people who don’t have an internet connection on there mobile phone and want to install Apps using their computer.

The latest version of Viber that is available for Android is available here. You can download it using the links below.

Download Viber APK: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

After you have downloaded the Viber Android APK file you can use the installer to install the App on your Android device.

View: How to install .apk apps on your Android device

Download Viber IPA for Apple iOS

You can install Viber from iTunes, but sometimes you can’t use the Apple App store and need to find another way to get the Viber IPA. For this reason we have provided the install files for Viber on your iPhone or iPad. You can use these on your jail broken iPhone or iPad.

Download Viber IPA: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

View: How to install ipa files on your iPhone or iPad

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  1. iraids lagya on

    I need try to viber because I’m first time to group and then I need call to group to freinds and my mother and my father the viber is very good because have free call no problem any time you need open the viber

  2. iraids lagya on

    I’m not comment because is this same wathsap any time chat with freind free and no problem you need dowload your freind

  3. iraids lagya on

    but mybe me is not have vidieo free I don’t her viber is video because I’m not try to viber pls give example to what are viber free video or no

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